Friday, May 29, 2009

Riverside & the Mayan

Today, Adam and I went swimming at Riverside Country Club. We had a lot of fun. Adam is going to have swimming lesson this summer which will help him be more confident. He loves the water.

This is his first attempt at going off the diving board. He was a little nervous.

This video is his last time going of the diving board before we had to go. He was sad, he didn't want to leave.

THE MAYAN with Trevor, Nichole & the Girls

Tonight, Trevor, Nichole, Taislee & Lexi came up to Sandy. We all went to the Mayan for dinner. Here the kids are watching the show! Later they went down below and got splashed. They thought that was really fun!

The Arehart's got a fun dessert! Fireworks and everything!

The girls hanging out!

It was so fun to hang out my brother and his girls! Thanks for guys. Sure love and miss you!

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April (Thorup) Oaks said...

The picture of the girl's together is so CUTE! I love it.

It's neat to see Adam love the water so much. My kids love the water too, but are too scared to try the diving board. Bummer.