Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adam's Last Spring Soccer Game

Today, was Adam's last Spring Soccer game. There were several games that had to be canceled because of rain, but all in all Adam did great and has improved.

What Adam thinks about Soccer!

The Black Dinos

Adam and Trevor

Running after the ball

Adam, Mindee & Trevor


April (Thorup) Oaks said...

Mindee, I'm excited to see you this weekend. If you want to bring Adam to the Hilton to go swimming today you can if you want. My kids will be swimming sometime in the afternoon. If you e-mail me and tell me you want to come I could have their babysitter (Tamara Moore) wait until you get there. The earliest they can go is about 3:30.

kab1956 said...

Miss you I Love you blog! Karen

Mindee said...

April, I just check my email. Adam would have loved to go swimming. Looks like I need to check my email more often. Thanks for he invite. I'm excited for this weekend too. Thanks for inviting me. You are wonderful and will do a great job!

Mindee said...

Thanks Karen ! I miss you too!

Linda B. said...

These pictures of you guys and Adam at soccer are great! We are so sad that we were not able to see one this season! We'll do better next sport...When does little league start?

We love you guys!

Linda and David