Saturday, May 30, 2009

Donut Falls

This afternoon we hiked to Donut Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was a little chilly and very muddy! Adam slipped on the way back and was covered in mud. Too bad I didn't take a picture.

The kids still had their faces painted from Megan's party.

After our hike we had a picnic dinner and roasted marshmallow. It was super fun!

Birthday Party

Today was Megan's birthday Party. She is 5 years old. Megan is my friend April's little girl. She is such a sweetheart. The kids had lots of fun. They played games and we all had out faces painted. April's aunt did the face painting. She was really good!

This is the Birthday girl Megan

Jacqueline and her beautiful butterfly

Adam and his Fire mask

And I even got a little butterfly

Thanks for having a birthday Megan and having such a Awesome Mom!

April sent me a couple of photos from the party. She has a great camera. One day I hope to get a really nice camera. Thanks for the pictures April!
Note: April posted more pictures of Megan's party and all the cool face painting on her blog. I really like what they did for Grandpa Oaks. Check it out

Friday, May 29, 2009

Riverside & the Mayan

Today, Adam and I went swimming at Riverside Country Club. We had a lot of fun. Adam is going to have swimming lesson this summer which will help him be more confident. He loves the water.

This is his first attempt at going off the diving board. He was a little nervous.

This video is his last time going of the diving board before we had to go. He was sad, he didn't want to leave.

THE MAYAN with Trevor, Nichole & the Girls

Tonight, Trevor, Nichole, Taislee & Lexi came up to Sandy. We all went to the Mayan for dinner. Here the kids are watching the show! Later they went down below and got splashed. They thought that was really fun!

The Arehart's got a fun dessert! Fireworks and everything!

The girls hanging out!

It was so fun to hang out my brother and his girls! Thanks for guys. Sure love and miss you!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Adam graduated from The Castle Preschool today! They had a picnic and then a little presentation for the parent. It was very nice. He is so excited to be going to Kindergarten in the Fall.
( That what he tells you if you ask, it's not next year.)

Adam and Miss Annie ( his teacher)

Grandma Linda came up (Adam was very excited)

Miss Annie made this cute scrapbook page

Below is a little of the program.
( You may want to turn the music off to hear. Sorry!)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hiking in Millcreek

Trevor & I went for a hike up Millcreek Canyon on Saturday. It was such a nice day. The weather was perfect. It was even nicer that the trail we picked was in the shade most of the time. I'm not sure I would have made it as far if it hadn't been. It was pretty much up hill the whole way up.
I'm not sure which one of these trails we took.

The flowers were really pretty!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Horton Hears a Who

Last night Jacqueline's class at school did the play " Horton hears a Who" She was the Cat in the Hat - aka " The Narrator" She did a great job. After, we went out for ice cream with Grandma Linda and Papa. It was a fun night!

Horton all tied up

"The Cast"

Trevor and Jacqueline in Whoville

Ms. Roach & Jacqueline (Ms. Roach is JB's home room teacher this year)

Trevor and I after the play. It was a really nice evening.