Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun with friends

Today, was a fun day! I went with my friend April and her little girl Megan to our Relief Society luncheon. We had a good time. After wards we ran a few errand and took a drive up to the Draper Temple. I hadn't been up to see it yet. It is beautiful!
If I hadn't taken the picture above, I would have thought it was one that was bought.

The fall colors are coming into the valley. It is such a pretty time of the year!


April (Thorup) Oaks said...

I agree. That picture is incredible! It turned out really great! Thanks again for going with me yesterday. I felt so relaxed after spending time with you!! I felt even MORE relaxed when Keith got a good meal and I didn't have to do anything to prepare it. Keith and Luke especially loved the Chili. There was enough that I brought my grandpa some too (he has been in a chili mood lately). Keith got mad at me for taking it to him which surprised me because normally Keith won't eat leftovers. I made grandpa's bowl smaller and saved some for Keith for tonight. Yummm. Thanks again!!

Aimee Molloy said...

awesome pictures you have a real EYE! Way to go - maybe I can get some tips from you over Christmas