Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Game 5 & the Bountiful Temple

I had the opportunity to got to Bountiful early today. Which allowed me to go to the Bountiful Temple. It was so beautiful. Something that I definitely needed. The dressing room was huge. I got there just as the session was beginning so I had a half an hour to wait. I read the the Book of Mormon for a while. Then I needed to use the restroom. It was located across the hall from one of the sealing rooms. The door was open so I took a peek. It was very pretty. One more Temple added to my list!

The older Adam gets, the more of a perfectionist I see him becoming. He tried hard, but was disappointed when he was not the one to score the goal. There was some pouting that showed that disappointment. Till finally he scored and then everything was great!

Trevor also had a baseball game tonight. I was a busy girl driving here and there. He was frustrated because they lost, it was cold and he pulled his hamstring on his left leg.
He played well though.

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