Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moab - Home Sweet Home

(This blog has been modified from it original version. Trevor's friend did not like his pictures up)

It is said "Home is where the Heart is." And there will always be a little part of my heart left in Moab. It was so good to go down for the weekend. It was wonderful to see my family. We met one of Trevor's old law school buddies - It was nice for Trev to get to spend some time with him. We had a fun, full weekend. Saturday was Trevor's Birthday
" Happy Birthday Sweetheart!"
We went out to Onion Creek to ride 4-wheelers. It was a blast. Trevor and his buddy were sopping wet! They really has a great time!
Trev's Buddy had been here as a child, but had forgotten how beautiful it was. Perhaps its that you don't appreciate it as much as a child. After playing on the ATVs for a good part of the day we drove up to Sandflats. Trevor took Alex on him first real 4x4 experience. We went on the trail "Hell's Revenge". It was great! It was very windy! There was a storm coming in. The video and photos don't really do it justice. You have to experience it.

After Hell's revenge we were ready for a shower and dinner. Trev's buddy went to a Motel and we went up town. Trevor bought a great pair of shoes with the money my parents had given him. After that we went to dinner at Sunset Grill. Grandma joined us. It was very nice. And yes we did Chocolate Moose Pie. It's such a treat! Mom baked Trevor a fabulous buttermilk pie so we had double the treat that night.

Sunday we went to church. The Hazlett family spoke about going to Nauvoo to be in the Joseph Smith pageant..Trev's buddy is not a member and all the talks were wonderful.

After church we took Trev's buddy to Arches.We went to North & South Windows and Turret Arch. There were a lot of people in the park. Mostly foreign speaking visitors.

We drove down to the view point of Delicate Arch. It was a little to long to hike for a Sunday.

We went out to Eye of the Whale Arch. This was exciting for me since I had never been to this one. It was great. Very isolated. It could be one of my new favorites.

We came back to Sandy on Monday. Stopping in Provo to celebrate Trevor's birthday with his family. We had a great dinner. It was a lot of fun! Thanks you David, Linda, Angela and Kids for celebrating with us! We love you!

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Cottam's said...

Happy belated Birthday Friend,
Your little family is so precious!
I am so happy for you and Mindee.
Give my love to all.