Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy Moose

In August, Trevor, I and the kids went with David Eric, Amy, and their children to Wasatch National Forest. We were having a little picnic and riding the ATV when 3 moose came into the area. There was a bull and 2 cows.
It was pretty exciting to see the moose and I was excited to use my new lens to take some close up pictures. Pretty soon the excitement wore off and we went back to what we were doing when I realized I had lost my sunglasses. I decided to walk back to where I was taking pictures. As I looked at the ground, I heard a man yelling run! I looked up and one of the cow moose were coming cross the pond toward me. I ran back to the road and decided I just wasn't going to find my glasses. I talked to the man for a few minutes and started to walk down the road to where Trevor, Amy and the kids were. David had taken Jacqueline to ride the ATV.

As I started to walk, I hear the man yell at me " RUN! RUN FAST! SHE'S COMING AFTER YOU!" At this point I look over my shoulder to see the female moose running full speed at me. I ran as fast as I could and yelled to Trevor and Amy "GET THE KIDS IN THE TRUCK!" I was panicked. I just knew the moose was going to trample me and then maybe one of the kids. As I made it to the truck, the moose was less then a car length behind me. Trev, and Amy had managed to got all the kids safe . I threw myself in the truck and that stupid moose stopped in front of us and just stared at me. Thank heavens for the row of trees the block the moose from the road, if they were not there she would have got me. I think she just wanted to scare me and she for sure did that! Then she went into the area where we has set up our picnic and then wandered into the trees. I was shaking. I have had several nightmares over this experience. Needless to say I am not a fan of Moose anymore.
The Moose above is the one that chased me. Stupid Moose!

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Amy said...

OH - MY - GOSH! This story is terrifying! I am soooo glad that you are all o.k.! I guess this is one for the family history books! I hope that you will be getting a good night's rest soon and that only sweet dreams are to come!