Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reflections Contest Winner

Jacqueline won the Reflections Contest at her school. She entered in Visual Arts. There were only 5 students chosen out of 93. She did a great job. We went to her assembly today. She didn't know she had won. She was so excited!

This picture is with the other 4 kids who won in the Visual Arts Division.

Jacueline got a neat metal. To celebrate Grandma Linda took us to lunch at the Olive Garden and gave Jacqueline a nice Art Paper book. Trevor and I got her this fun paper airplane book.

Below is a little video of the assembly and her project.

Way to go Jacqueline

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April (Thorup) Oaks said...

AWWWW!!! I started to tear up when I heard all the kids scream for her in the video. That is awesome! Congratulations Jacqueline!!!