Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Break in Moab

We went to Moab over Jacqueline's fall break. It's always so much fun. One night we played the game"Uno" We decided to let Addi play and she was so funny. She won twice! All on her own. She's a little card shark!
Nick and Monica moved back to Moab for the off season. Nick is actually in Arizona till mid November doing fall ball. It was really nice to spend some time with my sis! She is expecting their second little girl in February.

One day we went for a ride with the ATVs to the moutain. It was so nice. The leaves are mostly yellow, orange and brown.
The kids had a blast!

We rode up through Pack Creek. Trevor had never been up this way.

This is the highest peak on the LaSal Mountains. Trevor thinks we need to come back and have a little hike up it. I'm not to sure about that.

We rode over to Medicine lake. It's pretty small right now and not as pretty as in the spring/summer time.

Love my Family, Love the Mountain, Love Moab, Love it, Love it.

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