Monday, June 8, 2009

Mini Family Vacation

Our good friends Brenda and Ken Armstrong were celebrating their marriage this past weekend in Durango Colorado, so we decided to take this opportunity to go and see them and have a little family vacation. We drove to Moab on Thursday night and stayed with my folks. Then headed for Colorado on Friday.

Of course, we had to stop by the Hole N' the Rock on the way.

There are a lot of eccentric items there. There were several signs that said "Big Foot Sighting ->" This is what we discovered after following the signs.
They had lots of old Motel signs.
Lots of sculptures.

They have a petting zoo and lots of other fun things. Something you just have to see for yourself.

We finally made it to Colorado! This was a first for both Adam & Jacqueline. Friday night we camped in a place called "Junction Creek". It was a pretty area.

Saturday morning we got up and went for a hike/walk overlooking the Amimas River and Valley below.
The views were beautiful.

There were lots of pretty flowers.

This is the one Adam picked for me. (I had to giggle a little)

Saturday night was Brenda and Ken's party. Here they are cutting their cake. They were actually married in January and waited for the summer to have their celebration!

Sunday, after going to church we headed back to Moab. We stopped in Monticello for a little bit to visit the grounds of the Temple. It is so pretty. I love this temple. This will always be one of my most favorite temples. The lilac were in bloom and the smell was so wonderful. Just heavenly!

When we got back to Moab, we went to Grandma Nornie's for Sunday dinner.

These were the socks Grandma had on today. She is so funny!

Aunt Linda(Grandma's Little Sister from Boise) was here visiting. It was really good to see her.

And so was Monica and Addi! Yeah! Jacqueline asked Addi who her Favorite Princess ever was and she said " Princess Mindee". She is so cute. I just love and miss her tons!

JB, Addi & Adam.

Moey, Dad, JB, Mom, Dustee, Linda, Adam & Addi hanging out in Grandma's back yard

Addi and Adam played really cute together.

Monday, We went out to Onion Creek and went riding. It was a lot of fun. The first time Adam got wet he started to cry but we were all laughing so hard he realized it wasn't so bad and laughed too.

All in all we had a very fun trip.


April (Thorup) Oaks said...

This post is so fun! What a neat vacation. I love seeing the pictures, especially after you told me about the trip. The picture of your grandma's socks is so much fun! It's the little things that are so fun to look back on.

kab1956 said...

Oh Mindee I miss you so much. So good to see you are having such a wonderful happy life!